Saturday, December 25, 2010


taking photographs with reva, recently.

(mamiya+fujipro 400H)

It's December 16th, 2010. I am just out of school for about a month off before the next semester in Seattle, and I am told about 4 days ago that I am the featured artist for Village Books in January, and that I have to put together a show of upwards of 15 photos...I once again am forced to rush taking, printing, and framing photos for a gallery. But hey, its at least 3 weeks instead of 5 days (like it usually is.) I am just figuring out the film that works for me via medium format, the new tripod is being friendly and Reva is a great model, so I am feeling okay. Here's my problem: I am leaving Seattle to stay at my parents house in Bellingham and Bellingham is really boring to take photos in! Anyways. If you are in Washington and care to wander up here I'll be showing for the month of January at Village Books, the reception is Jan. 8th at 6:00.

Wish me luck,


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