Monday, February 28, 2011


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I sometimes work so hard on trying to be innovative in music that I get so distracted from genre, but I can't write music without knowing a form, so its just- mad sometimes.

Today I am listening to Laura Marling's "I speak Because I Can" and reminding myself of how important folk music though I should have to. Marling represents a really effortless approach to how folk should be crafted, as difficult to be imagined otherwise; a new age of folk music that doesn't- honestly- "require" being a crossover sort of act, which is not necessarily, or by any means wrong, but it is comforting for music as such to be accepted as exactly what it stands as. As well as to know accessibility does not require a level of immediate understanding, for- complexity of emotion and sophisticated elements have always fostered greatness.

In retrospect, although I hadn't spent enough time with this record in 2010, it's my #1 from the start of a decade.

And so, there will always be an evident hope for greatness in music, and I'm grateful for that.

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